Chris was kind enough to agree to a last minute sunrise ride as i found out i would be close to him in Penzance the next day! He agreed to meet me at the ungodly early time of 5:30 am! We made our way down to the beack on two of his beautiful geldings and had some lovely discussions on the way...had some incredibly fast and furious and FUN beach gallops, with lovely walks in between. We had the chance to see the sunrise ober the Mount, the mists, and the light changing in many way over this gorgeous area of Cornwall. it was so fun and fantastic and i really enjoyed the ride. Chris was so fantastic to ride out with and converse with. i would LOVE to do it again!!!

Casey Ellison
Riding for Riders -
23 April 2018

Booked to go beach riding with my daughter and it was just the most amazing experience. The whole ride was geared to our ability, so we just felt comfortable from the moment we arrived, Shel & Chris were so welcoming and we got to know our amazing horses in the round pen before we set off for the beech. Had such an enjoyable time went back again for a faster beach ride, which the memory will keep me smiling for a long long time. To Jolly my lovely horse for these two rides, thankyou for giving me my passion for riding back.

Sally & Sarah Marsh
Riding for Riders -
30 March 2018

Can't wipe the grin off my face - 24 hours later!!! An absolutely amazing experience. I have to thank the wonderful James (the horse) for being such a dude, being such fun and behaving so well. Chris and Maz were lovely - so sensible and down to earth in their attitude to the sessions they run as well as in their general horse care. All the horses were really well cared for and as a result were both incredibly safe, willing to listen and well behaved but also not 'riding school' - they clearly loved their job! Marazion Beach also has a gorgeous view out over St Michael's Mount. 11/10 would recommend and will be returning asap for swimming!

Sasha Pinto
Riding for Riders -
27 November 2017

Thanks Chris and Maz. James and Chasca made cantering down the beach this afternoon a perfect pleasure. What super horses, lovely hosts & amazing country. Sasha and I can't stop smiling!

Alison Kirkpatrick
Riding for Riders -
26 November 2017

Well, it nearly was swimming with horses, because it was very blustery and wet conditions on the beach! In spite of this we had a wonderful ride and Chris and Shelley have a wonderful way with horses and people! The horses were a lot of fun to ride, especially considering the conditions . I hope when we're next in Cornwall we can come here and ride on the beach again and maybe the sun will be shining. !

Fiona, Di and Kate
Riding for Riders -
19 October 2017

Thank you for giving Caitlin the most magical time. Can't recommend enough. Wonderful, warm and friendly people with super horses. Really felt at ease as soon as we arrived and immediately relaxed knowing our daughter was in safe hands. Just the best time had swimming and riding the horses who were obviously enjoying themselves too. My daughter already wants to come back. Thank you.

Sara and Caitlin
Sea Swimming -
15 August 2017